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There are a number of things that one looks for when in need for Calgary crane services. It can be hard to get value for your money, but H&H Cranes and Equipment seems to have found a way to ensure quality service and fare rates are well balanced.

What to consider

When looking for Calgary crane services, you should consider three main things: the quality of machinery to be used, the experience of the company and the crane operators, and also the range or flexibility of their services. You cannot, however, forget some important factors such as safety. You want a company that has the user in mind. All these should make you confident that all your operations will runs smoothly, and that your targets are met in time. As a client, your main focus should be the production, and you should not be worried about the cranes, maintenance and all that. That is what the crane companies are there for.

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Safety standards and maintenance

Certification of the equipment cannot be overlooked. You have to make sure that the crane company you hire meets the current international standards and has met the obligations set by the regulator. This will improve important when the operations begin at your site, as there will be no stalling of your project. This is what you as a client should demand in the Calgary crane company you choose. A company that ensures the cranes have been re-certified annually and that after a certain number of hours, a maintenance program is done is what you should have in mind. It is preferred that a crane company does maintenance every 250 hours to ensure that there is guaranteed safety during use. Inspections should still be done often as a precautionary measure.

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All in one service

When you want a range of services e.g. installing machinery in places that are perhaps very high or not easily reachable, set trusses on the roofs of tall buildings, steel erection when constructing steel structures and movement of large gear like turbines, you should not need several companies to offer you all those services. You need a firm capable of providing all that under one roof. H&H Cranes and Equipment is one such company that has built its reputation around Calgary for years by ensuring that there is punctual service so that there are no disappointments on the side of the client. Construction should not be stressful when you have a qualified Calgary crane company to depend on.

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Friendly service, expert knowledge and a 23-year history in Calgary make H&H CRANE the first choice of many contractors and individuals.

Clients come back time and again to experience our fair rates and punctual, effective service. We provide Calgary crane services rentals up to 50 tons and up 200 ft, for steel erections, electrical powerlines, prefabricated walls and trusses, concrete basement forms, flat roofing, air conditioning units, framers, hot tubs, etc.

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